2016-04-01 / Letters

Campus security is an issue even here

To the editor:

I am writing to express my concern about the safety of my campus at Southern Maine Community College. The students’ safety should be the most important topic to the administration. I have three ideas for improvement.

First, teachers and the staff at SMCC need to have a conference about safety. I would like the teachers to repeat the safety rules to the students every semester. Whether you are a student or teacher, we should have a feeling of security and comfort on the campus. When you hear about a shooting, you’re scared that it may happen in your school. Safety makes a classroom a place to learn, not a place to be scared. Now, it is good thing that we have a system that is connected with the cell phone, so that student is alerted.

Second, the administration must make a budget to have a safety plan to put more security cameras in the parking lots and security locks on all doors. Improving college safety may bring more students to SMCC. Administration must ensure protection and safe security at the SMCC campus, so that everyone feels comfortable. Let’s do it. Together, with the administration we can take an action. We must double check the rules of college security. Let’s add rules when we see where current rules are falling short. Haven’t we learned anything from past events? We must take an action about the situation now.

Degan Guled Djibouti

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