2016-04-01 / Letters

Education starts at home

To the editor:

Teenage pregnancy has increased dramatically. It might be because of a lack of attention from their parents or failure to educate the students.

Schools can also affect these situations. Teenagers don’t have information about how to protect themselves. As a result, they have an unwanted pregnancy. It seems their parents are not giving enough time with their teenagers and not giving them necessary information. That is why teachers need to be in place for these teenagers. Without education, teenagers can’t finish school, because they have to take care of their babies. If it is the father, he may have to get a job to help.

There are multiple solutions to resolve this issue. One way to get teenagers to understand the responsibility is to have them participate in projects and programs explaining the hard life of motherhood. Another way is to educate the parents, teaching them ways to talk to their daughters and sons, since both of them have a responsibility.

However, teenage pregnancy is still an issue that seems to get bigger. Give your children time; talk to them, and give them information. It is the most powerful thing you can do.

Choukri Aden Republic of Djibouti

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