2016-04-01 / Letters

Let’s look at marijuana laws

To the editor:

As I looked through the police blotter over the past few weeks I noticed one striking similarity. Almost every write-up had to do with marijuana. My first reaction was that people are smoking a lot more pot nowadays and there should be more enforcement, but then I thought, well, maybe the reason is for that exact reason; the police are doing just that and as a result are catching more people.

Whatever the situation is, however, the fact remains that people are consuming an abundance of marijuana and whether it’s being enforced or not, that does not seem to be changing any time soon.

If the illegality of marijuana is not keeping people from doing it and if it is harming peoples’ lives the way the certain authorities claim that it is, then consequently there must be more strict enforcement or additional legislation. However, if this is something that people are going to continue and it is not having a significant adverse effect on their lives or endangering the public, then maybe it’s time to consider decriminalization.

Marijuana is affecting the young generation badly so in order to make a difference, I request everyone to go to this website: http://marijuanamajority.com/. You will see a voting option on the front so whatever your answer is, just enter it. Each vote makes a difference. The future is in our hands so use it wisely. Get up and vote for the better future.

Chanbir Singh India

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