2016-04-01 / Letters

Let’s start a movement

To the editor:

I remember the day people stood in line along the Casco Bay Bridge to prevent tar sands from coming to South Portland. As I drove past them, I thought, “This is not just our city’s battle. We are fighting for all the people who can’t vote to stop the Portland Pipeline pumping toxic tar sands through their communities.”

South Portland taxpayers and school kids should get the word out that donations are being sought for our city’s Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund. Money from this fund can be contributed, tax-deductible, to cover legal bills in our lawsuit opposing Portland Pipeline’s attempt to reverse the flow and bring toxic tar sands oil, through aging pipes, 236 miles from Montreal, Canada, into our marine terminal in South Portland.

This is not our battle alone. We are fighting this lawsuit not just for our city but for all the towns along the route. The pipeline runs from Montreal, under the St. Lawrence River, through mountain and woodland towns of New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine, along river and lake watersheds and smack dab into our port on Casco Bay.

Think how effective letters to editors of newspapers in abutting pipeline towns, would be from our educated students. Think of the buzz we could generate in every town along the route with social media. We need to let folks know we need financial support to continue this legal battle. The lawsuit will be expensive. Just in January, the Press Herald reported the trade association representing tugboat, towboat and barge operators across the United States, has joined Portland Pipeline in fighting the city’s ban.

Let’s start a letter and social media campaign to spread the word South Portland seeks contributions for our Clear Skies Legal Defense Fund.

Pamela Thomas South Portland

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