2016-04-01 / Letters

Listen to these healthy tips

To the editor:

There are many important things you should follow to keep your life healthy. These things aren’t new information, but it is different. The doctors give us a lot of health information, but this information is hard to do, so I will tell you the easy way to get a healthy body and save your money.

Set a time for eating, practicing and sleeping. I have learned that diet is one of the things that makes me feel good, especially when I eat homemade food and not fast food. Increase vegetables and fruits in your meal. Also, eat five small organic and fresh meals in a day. These are better than two or three big meals. Get enough sleep at night, because the body activity begins at night. Take a deep breath after waking up to increase the oxygen in your blood. That can be very helpful.

Start doing these things to keep your mind perfect because a perfect mind is a perfect body. Money can buy many things, but it cannot buy health.

Yaqdhan Zahebawi Iraq

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