2016-04-01 / Letters

The list is long for not taking drugs

To the editor:

Drugs are substances that can be taken by smoking, injecting, swallowing or even dissolving under the tongue. There are many people in Portland that drug themselves for many reasons.

First of all, drugs are dangerous for our body. Drugs attack the central nervous system. You stress for nothing, you lose weight. Secondly, you can’t get a job. Companies won’t hire drug users because they are irresponsible and might come drunk or high at work, which is considered a crime. They have to have a drug test done before they engage you, which means you have to be clean so you can be interviewed or get hired. Thirdly, mostly teens, as soon as they start drugging themselves, they also want to sell them, as they can’t get any job because of drugs. They want to get so much money easily. They end up getting caught by the cops. Now they just messed up their lives. In conclusion, you should not solve a problem by using drugs, but should go to see a counselor for rehabilitation instead. If you are addicted or only feel unstable when drugged, please stop it because you can’t build anything from that. If you know any relatives, family, friends, or anybody else please call (802) 778-9501 or visit www.treatmentdirectory.org/Maine-Rehab for more information.

Joel Muheto Democratic Republic of Congo

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