2016-04-15 / Letters

It’s not too late to change Knightville parking plan

To the editor:

It has been a month since the South Portland City Council voted to remove angled-parking from Knightville’s business-district. The sound of jack-hammering to the tune of South Portland residents’ tax dollars has not started yet so it’s not too late for the city council to right its wrong and keep Knightville the way it is.

I hope this letter not only makes the city council revisit the issue of angled-parking but that it also inspires all South Portland residents to speak up and be heard: The city council’s vote on March 7 was absurd. It threatens to put locally owned establishments out of business at the expense of taxpayer dollars while devaluing property investments. Apparently, these voter-elected officials had only been listening to a handful of disgruntled Knightville residents who find it inconvenient to bypass a one-block, one-way street, and failed to take into account that angledparking assists elderly and disabled consumers as well as delivery truck-drivers. Angled-parking enables Knightville to not only support a thriving business-community but it also promotes a quiet, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood that I am thrilled to be apart of.

Knightville is the kind of neighborhood that should make all South Portlanders proud, and for the greater good of South Portland, city planners should keep it as it is and continue to attract entrepreneurs who envision a solid future in an awesome community.

Rachel Cummings South Portland

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