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Remember certain freedoms?

To the editor:

Last week in the Sentry I read a rebuttal

from Bob Klotz to Don Russell’s column, “My side of the bridge.” Mr. Klotz says the Sentry shouldn’t publish Mr. Russell’s comments because they are political. That is exactly why they published them. It’s called Freedom of the Press. There are many, if not all, people who read the Sentry just for these letters. Some use it as a platform for an argument and other to get the pulse of the community.

During the tar sand debate a few years ago I remember both Mr. Russell and Mr. Klotz practicing their First Amendment Right of Free Speech to voice their personal opinions on the topic at hand. The opinions against, as I remember, won the debate and the city enacted a Clear Skies Ordinance and were rewarded with a lawsuit and a divided community. Since then, Mr. Klotz and like-minded people have moved their progressive movement further down the road and shifted our city council in the same direction under the notion of progress. Objects, be they ships, buildings or even city councils that lean too far to one side or the other, usually fall over. This law of physics does not apply in several of our more progressive communities and states. I for one do not want to see that in South Portland. We are rapidly turning into Portland South.

Mr. Aaron Burr and Mr. Alexander Hamilton had a duel over the fact that Mr. Hamilton called Mr. Burr a “scoundrel.” In literary terms of this day, Mr. Klotz just said the same thing to Mr. Russell. I suggest a bean bag duel at 10 paces with bags full of tar sand at Willard Beach at high noon.

Remember, all politics are local.

Michael R. Pock South Portland

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