2016-06-03 / Community

What’s Going On

Changes in Knightville

While people have heard enough about traffic patterns and parking in Knightville, as of May 31st the traffic pattern that the majority of us have enjoyed is changing. The section of Ocean Street between “E” Street and “D” Street will no longer have diagonal parking. The two way traffic pattern requires parallel parking. This will reduce the available parking in this area by 6+ spots and remove the simplicity of diagonal (“nose in”) parking. While 100’s of people and 25+ businesses requested a reconsideration of this, they were not heard. The citizens of South Portland have started a petition to bring the current traffic pattern back. The petition started just over two weeks ago and well over 600 South Portland residents have signed. Please note that you can go to CIA, Flare For Hair, The Lamp Shop, Broadway Atlantic Gas and Legion Square Market to sign a petition. There are several residents walking through neighborhoods as well. This process will allow a vote in November to return the traffic pattern to what worked for the last 4 years.

In the meantime it is important for us all to find the best and safest way to deal with this change. With the reduction of parking spots we will need to utilize the parking on letter streets as well as those spots associated with businesses. First how we use parking will be important. If you are going to Knightville for 1 to 2 hours or longer it may be best to park on the letter streets allowing the limited spaces available to be utilized by those people with packages to carry. As well there are parking spots available behind businesses for their customers. Parking is available behind Verbena and The Lamp Shop for their customers off of “E” Street. Parking is also available behind AllState Insurance, Legion Square Market and Flair for Hair off of “D” Street for their customers. The map below gives an example of the parking. All of these businesses will be offering any and all support they can. If you have mobility needs or just need a hand carrying your packages they will be there to assist (as they always have).

Let’s all work together to make this work the best we can. It will require patience and commitment while you may now need to park on “B” Street and walk a bit to get what you need. Do not give up on those businesses in the area. They all need your support and commitment to succeed. As well recognize the various uses of the area and if you are able to park further away please do so those who need to be closer to their destination can be.

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