2016-06-24 / Letters

Potential candidate is not forward thinking

To the editor:

I was pleased to see that Michael Pock is running again for city council. He’s a nice guy, honest and calls things as he sees them.

Of course he sees them as one would in the 1800s, not the 2016s. The air was clean back then, healthy organic vegetables, grown on small family farms, were available at every shop. The milk was fresh too. Your local doctor would hitch up his horse and buggy and come to your home if you were ill for a chicken or a pie.

But we live in a different age now, one where government is needed to regulate big businesses so we can have clean air and water, safe milk, produce, chickens and eggs. We need Medicare and Obamacare so everyone can stay healthy.

In South Portland we can thank the hundreds of ordinary residents who’ve worked so hard to bring us ordinances that protect us from big oil company pipeline emissions and spills, and pesticide manufacturers whose products endanger everyone, even the bees.

Sorry, Michael. We’re looking forward, not backward.

Brad Fox South Portland

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