2016-07-01 / Letters

Knightville parking should be decided by voters

To the editor:

I urge all registered South Portland voters to please sign the petition in circulation regarding angled-parking in Knightville. Gathering enough signatures would allow a question on the November ballot that is designed to strike down a 50-year-old city ordinance that does not permit angled-parking. South Portlanders should be given the chance to vote in order to keep Knightville a vibrant neighborhood. The deadline to have signatures validated is July 31.

Most people are familiar with this peninsula-community between A and E streets off Cottage Road that was once considered the gateway to Portland. Whether they drive, walk, jog or bike by, the locally owned businesses are quite noticeable; restaurants, coffee shops that support Maine artists and community causes, a grocery market with its acclaimed butcher department, marina, real estate and insurance agents, tavern, carpet store. However, how many folks are aware of the hair salons and nail spas, a lamp repair and polishing shop, a sewing service, a massage and wellness center, a tattoo parlor, a casual apparel and jewelry shop, a fine arts gallery, a flower and wine boutique, a social-media broadcasting enterprise, an antique books and collectibles shop, and even a dog studio?

I recently moved to Knightville and love it. As a consumer, I make every effort to support locally owned businesses. Why go out to the mall and spend my hard-earned dollars at a chain store when shopping in Knightville is more economical and pedestrian-friendly?

But what about the parking? Especially for elderly and disabled consumers. Thus, I am asking all of you South Portland voters: If you meet anyone collecting signatures for the Knightville parking petition to please sign it. This important question should not be decided by a sevenmember resident-elected council who voted in favor of angled-parking in 2012 then reversed its ruling in 2016. The parking situation in Knightville should be resolved by the current voting, tax-paying residents of South Portland, so please sign the petition.

Rachel Cummings South Portland

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