2016-07-01 / Letters

Why doesn’t city direct money to other places?

To the editor:

Of all the places that don’t need a facelift in South Portland, Western Avenue is one of them. They just widened that road and the entrances to businesses there. I really think it’s wasted money doing anything there for several years to come.

A better use of our taxpayer money would be Broadway and Mill Creek. Broadway, from Anthoine Street to Cash Corner, is in serious need of upgrading. The light at Elm Street is antique, save for the multiple times it’s been struck by tanker trucks. There is a point headed west that the light is not even visible and I’ve almost been T-boned coming out of Elm onto Broadway because people simply don’t think there’s a light there. That whole intersection needs to be redesigned. Headed west again at the intersection of Lincoln going up the hill there is no room for a bicycle lane and I can tell you from experience that it’s scary having a tanker truck pass you as you climb that hill on a bike. Back to Mill Creek, half of the light poles are tipped at an angle and driving in from any direction it does seem outdated and a little dumpy. I realize we’re not Falmouth or Scarborough but man they really know what they’re doing when it comes to urban design – hire their designers and leave Western Avenue alone.

Getting back to tanker trucks, why wouldn’t the city make a road just for trucks that would connect Clark Road (which runs through the cemetery) and Elm and Turner Island thereby bypassing Broadway entirely. I realize this would take an act of Congress because of impacted wetlands and properties but it would make a whole lot of sense, with increased quality of life and cost savings due to damage to truck travel on Broadway.

Andy Haynes South Portland

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