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Knightville resident says parking works

To the editor:

In reference to the letter published regarding parking in Knightville (Sentry, July 1) and as a Knightville resident, I have several observations.

It has been a bit over one month since the block of Ocean Street between D and E streets was returned to two ways and it does not seem to have had a negative impact on parking in the area. Indeed, it has had the desired effect of taking traffic off of the letter streets. I support all the many great businesses in Knightville and have found myself doing so even more often as they are now much more convenient for me to reach. Neighborhoods are all about connections and now Ocean Street from Broadway all the way to Waterman Drive is connected once again. I have to imagine that taking a direct route on Ocean Street instead of detouring through side streets should also be good for the environment – certainly fewer miles driven and less gas used.

Wanting to see the businesses in Knightville continue to prosper and being respectful of the owners’ concerns related to losing six parking spaces in front of their businesses, I now avail myself of the significant amount of parking available behind the businesses on Ocean. For example, when going to Smaha’s Legion Square Market, I now park directly in back of the store (parking lot entrance off of D Street) and am able to enter the store right by the deli case (great strip steaks and strawberries yesterday). When I brought a heavy lantern for repair to the Lamp Repair Shop, I used the lot off of E Street and was able to pull up two feet from the back door. I then went to Verbena to pick up three of their great chicken salad sandwiches.

Though I have not seen any time in the past month that all the spaces have been full on Ocean, I still ask all my neighbors to use the offstreet parking these businesses have and leave the onstreet spaces for those visitors and shoppers who don’t know about the lots in back. Please spread the word, support our local businesses and continue Knightville’ s growing reputation as a vibrant, varied and welcoming neighborhood.

John Jennings South Portland

Editor’s note: The author of this letter is not Jon Jennings, former assistant city manager in South Portland.

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