2016-08-05 / Letters

Councilor’s character is visible

To the editor:

Councilor Brad Fox again displayed his true character at the July 18 city council meeting the council was asked to amend the Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy for Safety Sensitive Positions. During public comments, Mr. Russ Lunt provided his positive historical perspective on the subject. Being a retired city employee Mr. Lunt stated, “It can be pretty strict because I know when I was working, you had to follow them (rules). You had to be a good boy, it’s the way it is.”

Councilor Fox violates Robert’s Rules of Order by asking, “Did you pass?” He was not recognized by the chairman to speak. Mr. Lunt responds, “Yeah I did, more than once. Passed every time.” My hat goes off to Mr. Lunt for being a gentleman in light of Councilor Fox’s blatant attempt to publicly humiliate a respected former city employee.

A reasonably intelligent person can assume that Mr. Lunt obeyed the policies of the city. His service to the city was not terminated, rather he retired. Councilor Fox again shows his ignorance and disrespect for the residents of this community. Looking back at Councilor Fox’s actions and comments since taking office I question his character and his thought process. Quoting him from a March 25 interview in which he states, “If I thought I was doing something wrong, of course I would apologize to the community.” My question is simple, when will Councilor Fox publicly apologize to Mr. Lunt?

Bob Foster South Portland

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