2016-08-05 / Letters

Neighborhood cookout was a sight

To the editor:

I saw a beautiful sight in South Portland recently, and for once I didn’t have my camera with me.

I was at the Brick Hill summer cookout. Several officers from the South Portland Police Department were there. Nothing bad was happening; the officers were invited to attend.

Kids of all ages and all ethnic backgrounds were excited to play with the lights and bullhorn of the police cruiser, and to collect Cop Cards from the officers.

My heart swelled with pride and tears came to my eyes as I saw these little children – many of them whose parents are from war-torn places like Somalia, Sudan and Rwanda – running up to the officers, smiling from ear to ear, asking for a Cop Card and a hug. The officers were all smiles too.

I felt fortunate and blessed to be able to witness such a wonderful scene in my community; a scene that would be impossible in some parts of America and many parts of the world.

These children will remember the happy interactions they had with our police officers, and some of them will grow up to become police officers themselves. Hopefully a few will become officers right here in South Portland.

To the men and women of the South Portland Police Department: Thank you for being at this event and for being part of our community.

Next year I’ll bring my camera.

Adrian Dowling South Portland

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