2016-08-12 / Community

Eagle Scout completes project at Cape preserve

Cape Elizabeth High School student Caleb Zenner, a member of Cape Elizabeth Boy Scout Troop 30, completed his Eagle Scout project with help from fellow Scouts and their parents, friend and family. It’s one of the final steps in achieving Boy Scout’s highest rank, the Eagle Scout.

Zenner planned, organized and led a construction effort to replace more than 180 feet of bog bridges at Runaway Farm Preserve in Cape Elizabeth that made trails more safe and enjoyable to hike while also protecting the preserve. It involved carrying 12-foot and eight-foot planks into the preserve, cutting them and building the bridges. Additionally, the decaying existing bridges were cut up and removed, except for some wood that Zenner was able to repurpose. Zenner and volunteers worked for two days, sometimes in kneedeep mud.

As they worked, Zenner and his crew were careful not to damage any natural growth, especially working around the many trees’ fragile roots.

The project took place last April. Thanks go to Cape Elizabeth Land Trust and its executive director, Cindy Krum, who provided all materials and support throughout the project.

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