2016-08-12 / Letters

Realtor appreciates and recognizes struggle

To the editor:

I was so pleased you were brave enough to print the whole letter from Chriss Sutherland in last week’s Sentry. I am a Realtor living in South Portland, due to my incredible good luck, on the edge of Loveitts Field, five minutes from Willard Beach. In my 16 years as a Realtor the hardest conversation I have ever had to have with anyone was to tell they couldn’t afford to live where they wanted to live. There’s no way to soft coat it – you don’t make enough money for the area. It is a horrible message and it breaks people’s hearts.

I also think we at this end of South Portland run the risk of becoming totally non-diverse, which I think would be a sad, sad situation. I would comment that both my daughters have lived in South Portland virtually their whole lives. They have both recently bought houses and didn’t even consider South Portland. As it happens both of them finished up in communities where they are comfortable and happy but that does not change the fact that their home city is closed to them.

I wonder if there is any way the city council could consider doing something to alleviate this situation. The money that will be spent on upcoming litigation around tar sands (which I don’t think is winnable) could be put to excellent use on building some subsidized housing.

Deborah F. Coward South Portland

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