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Trump supporters nasty; good thing councilor went

To the editor:

On Thursday, Aug. 4, I had the distinct displeasure of witnessing the sad carnival of Trump supporters, as they lumbered their way to his rally at Portland’s Merrill Auditorium.

To suggest that a fair number of these supporters exhibited a less than civilized mien, would be an understatement of the lowest degree.

One alcohol-fueled fellow spent nearly half an hour screaming obscenities at the assembled protesters – myself included – (who sang “This Land Is Your Land,” chanted “Love Trumps Hate” and “Mexicans/Muslims/et al Make This Country Great”). His inebriated responses were “Commies S**k”, “Hillary s**ks and should be in jail”, and that we “dirt bags” should get a job.

Another troubled young man harangued the protesters with a Nazi salute, screaming “Sieg Heil”, and finally goosestepped away.

Then there was a teen who had the visage of Vladimir Putin emblazoned across the front of his T-shirt ... not quite grasping the irony of this.

Then there was the star of the side-show, a 300 pound-plus burly individual who ripped off his shirt in front of protesters and proudly displayed his numerous tattoos, nestling amongst copious patches of fur. This gentlemen then made his way to me and shouted, “Were you in the service?” I calmly responded, “Was Trump?” He repeated his question and I repeated mine. This went on for a while until he eventually tired of the exchange and wandered off – presumably in quest of a Coors Light.

This freak show is/was yet another indictment against the tactics of a presidential nominee catering to the lowest common denominator, and inciting the deep-seated id of troubled, angry, illeducated and opportunistic types looking for any excuse to vent bile.

A few braver types than me, not adherents to the Trump cause, actually attended the rally, so as to see firsthand the manipulator Trump at work. One of these was our own South Portland City Councilor Brad Fox.

I tip my proverbial hat to Mr. Fox. It’s so easy to sling mud at people, as seems to be the wont of the mean-spirited and/or misguided, but actions and words speak loudly to me and others, and we recognize those who are genuinely here to assist and aid those who can’t do so themselves.

Brad talks the talk, and walks the walk.

Thanks, Brad Fox, for braving the hyena’s den, and emerging intact ... albeit splattered in spittle and vitriol.

William Duffy South Portland

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