2016-08-19 / Letters

City’s traffic, sidewalk redesigns misguided

To the editor:

I cannot figure out what South Portland city leaders were thinking regarding the re-design and new traffic patterns on Main Street.

The bump outs on upper Main Street now back up traffic, as you cannot go around anyone making a left turn. And the new road striping between the railroad bridge and Cash Corner is not only dumb, but dangerous. They eliminated the second straight lane at Rumery Street and put a bike lane right in the middle of the road. That defies logic. The construction of an 8-foot wide sidewalk and 4-foot wide landscaped curb between Cash Corner and the I-295 on ramp makes little to no sense. A standard sidewalk and bike lane would not only have been sufficient, but would have saved a lot of money in both construction and maintenance costs.

What’s next on the agenda? Pedestrian speed bumps throughout Broadway? Everyone is well aware that the main roads in South Portland have outlived the amount of vehicular traffic that they were designed to handle. Making them narrower and less vehicle friendly is not the solution. Perhaps all the money spent on fancy streetlights, landscaped median strips and extra wide sidewalks could have been better used on more advanced traffic signals. Most residents I’m sure are tired of spending 2 to 4 minutes at intersection with little to no traffic in any other directions.

Bud Munson South Portland

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