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Letter writer agrees with some of what realtor said

To the editor:

I’m writing in response to Deborah F. Coward’s seemingly sincere plea for more affordable housing in South Portland (“Realtor appreciates and recognizes struggle,” Aug. 12 Sentry). However, despite the fact that I agree with her regarding this need – as it is evident that fast-rising South Portland realty/rental prices are deterring people from settling here – I strongly and heartily disagree with her opinion that the litigation over the Clear Skies Ordinance is a waste of time, money and energy.

Why would anyone want to move to an area that would allow the spewing of toxic chemicals from two giant smokestacks right by picturesque Bug Light, polluting our air, jeopardizing our water and poisoning our residents?

And let’s not kid ourselves … this is exactly what will occur if the likes of ex-councilor and Portland Pipeline proxy Mr. Michael Pock get his wish, and the court rules against South Portland and we don’t immediately appeal. The cards are already stacked against us, since the presiding judge is a Bush appointee. And our “good neighbor,” Portland Pipeline (which coyly denied any intention of reversing the flow throughout the contentious debate surrounding tar sands), will proceed to destroy our homes with their Morlockian endeavor. The manner in which Portland Pipeline has acted throughout this debate causes me to suspect that its owners/managers all acquired their business degrees from Trump University.

People do deserve affordable housing, as well as a healthy environment, with clean air and water, high quality schools and access to health care, etc.

I suppose Ms. Coward’s wish for lower housing prices would be realized if Portland Pipeline succeeds in being allowed to export their noxious and deadly crude from our port.

House prices will plummet.

William Duffy South Portland

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