2016-08-26 / Letters

Committee’s mission was accomplished

To the editor:

I wanted to respond to the letter in Aug. 19 Sentry written by Bud Munson. As chairman of the SoPo Bike/Ped Committee, I wanted to say a few things about the criticisms expressed. Actually, the changes on Main Street were, in part, to make the area “less vehicle friendly.” I don’t mean that we don’t want vehicular traffic, but times are changing. More people wish to walk in their neighborhoods, shop the local businesses and enjoy the open spaces. Making streets narrower is a classic way to reduce speed and, in return, make biking and walking a safer activity. Bump outs allow for wheelchair accessibility and enhance the visual appeal at the same time. The idea is also that you not pass vehicles making a left turn here, one that has a speed limit of 25 mph. Rushing to pass someone can more likely result in a fender bender or, worse, a pedestrian/ cyclist accident. The goal is to reduce the amount of rushed traffic, welcome walkers and bikers, and create a safer space for families, individuals and school aged children.

Median strips are another method to slow traffic. Speed bumps are dated measures and rarely used anymore. Instead, visual/physical construction is much more desirable. If you have to spend “2 to 4 minutes at an intersection,” try enjoying the visuals around you, take in the beauty and the walkability, consider getting out of your car at times and walking or biking yourself.

Life is too short to want to rush everywhere one goes. The exact complaints of Mr. Munson actually captured our goals in recommending this plan to the city, so thank you, Mr. Munson, for letting us know we were successful.

Rosemarie De Angelis, chairman Bike/Ped Committee

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