2016-09-02 / Community

Business News

Jason Parent, Maine master floral designer, won three design awards at the Maine State Florists Association’s summer show.

Parent entered his floral creations in the botanical “purse” and “ring” contest. He took home two first-place awards and the Judge’s Choice award. Parent grew up in a family with deep roots in the horticulture industry. His father, Paul Parent, has had a gardening radio show for more than 30 years; Parent has been a guest on his show several times. Parent joined Fiddleheads in Cape Elizabeth this spring.

“I am blessed to be able to do what I love and proud of what I’m able to accomplish,” he said.

A local, collaborative group of artists will re-open Studio 408 in South Portland IN September, offering kids’ classes designed by local professional dancers Janoah Bailin, Cookie Harrist, Delaney McDonough, Jessamyn Schmidt and Allie James. Their plans came to fruition when Betsy Dunphy, former member of Ram Island Dance, announced her retirement and her plans to depart Studio 408 earlier this summer.

“When Betsy approached us with this opportunity, we pounced because we knew that the perspective we bring to modern dance is quite different than other studios in Maine. Our kids’ classes provide students the tools with which to live a deeply embodied life, whether on the stage or in the world,” said Bailin, director of youth programming.

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