2016-09-02 / Letters

Letter writer proved his point about traffic

To the editor:

I would like to thank South Portland resident Rosemarie DeAngelis for responding to my letter in The Sentry and in doing so, reiterating my point that our current government and committees are out of touch with what their constituents want.

Ms. DeAngelis did a fine job of patting herself and her committee members on the back, and at the same time, shaming me and other residents for being commuters in this city. Apparently, anyone that commutes through South Portland should not, by Ms. DeAngelis’s beliefs, drive a car. We obviously need more exercise and should be biking or walking, according to her. This would be a good time to let the City of South Portland know that the majority of commuters actually drive cars. Sorry to burst that bubble, but it is the truth. And for folks like myself who drive company vehicles, we cannot walk or take a bike. Should I park my truck in the middle of Main Street and take a walk as she suggests?

Ms. DeAngelis also expressed concerns about slowing traffic. Well, there’s a big difference between slowing traffic and stopping it. By stopping and gridlocking it, you have failed. But your committee feels you have accomplished what you sought out to achieve. As far as relaxing and taking in the sights Ms. DeAngelis, I take the same route at least 350 times a year. It takes me 20 to 25 minutes to travel 3.5 miles. That is ridiculous. As breath taking as you might find it, an ice cream shop, used car dealer, muffler shop, fire station or oil change shop, I guess I don’t see the beauty in it. But that’s just me.

Bud Munson South Portland

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