2016-09-09 / Letters

Re-elect senator to state government

To the editor:

While the current political scene is leaving many of us feeling cold and dispirited, there is one local candidate whose professionalism and commitment should renew our faith in public service – Sen. Rebecca Millett. As an academic advisor in the IT department at Southern Maine Community College, I have witnessed the direct impact she has made in improving the lives of our local students and the vitality of our economy.

Last year an IT firm expanding into our region reached out to Sen. Millett for help in facilitating a connection with SMCC with an eye toward creating an internship program to meet the company’s growing hiring needs.

Sen. Millett immediately reached out to the president of SMCC, who set the wheels in motion. Now, thanks in part to her initiative, not only is an IT internship program thriving with that company, but two of our student interns have been offered full-time positions.

Her short-term actions led to a positive, long-term result for students, our educational institution and the local economy because she listened, cared and acted. This is the type of leadership we need in Augusta, and is but one of the many reasons we should re-elect Sen. Rebecca Millett.

Katharine Lualdi Cape Elizabeth

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