2016-09-16 / Letters

Letter writer is clearly liberal minded

To the editor:

In response to Mr. William Duffy’s letter (“Here’s the problem with argument,” Sept. 9 Sentry) it seems that he supports the more liberal causes. It seems to me that “Black Lives Matter” is nothing more than a black racist group just like the “KKK” is a white racist group. They think they are more important than any other group.

I live down the street from the guy who has the “Black Labs Matter, All Labs Matter” sign and as a Lab owner I agree. Now if all the folks (Hispanic, black, white, Asian and all others) would stop killing each other, finish high school, get a job or go to college to get some profession then they could live near the guy with the lab sign, me and you Mr. Duffy. By the ocean at Willard Beach, which is now the “rich, in place to be.”

Joe Trevino South Portland

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