2016-09-23 / Letters

Committee will be better off without member

To the editor:

A comment about the resignation of Mr. Chris Kessler from the ad hoc housing committee (Sentry, Sept 16). His leaving will not hurt, but actually help South Portland’s housing situation. Rent freezes and stopping the ability to evict for any reason will reduce the number of new units to rent. The building of houses, apartments of all kinds and condos will stop. We in South Portland will be worse off.

The city council not voting to allow non-conforming lots to be built has also hurt the availability of new housing. Everyone agrees that South Portland needs more housing but rent freezes, not being able to evict, or following the mayor of the city of Portland will not bring more housing but the opposite. Capitalist thinking: Making it easier to build equals more places to live at and at lower rents. The law of supply and demand, in case Mr. Kessler or the city council never took an economics class.

Joe Trevino South Portland

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