2016-09-30 / Letters

Candidate is right person for the job

To the editor:

South Portland needs another steady and creative thinker on the city council. This is essential if the council is to continue the work of positioning the city to meet our rapidly changing future. Sue Henderson is just the person to fill that role. As an educator in the health field, she has been on the leading edge of fast moving and deep changes in one of the most essential aspects of our collective lives. She has served as resident of the Maine Nurses' Association and she has worked in the trenches along with its members. Sue knows that good jobs go hand in hand with solid and balanced planning. She knows South Portland well, having lived on E Street in the Knightville area since the 1970s. I personally have worked with Sue and know her to be a thoughtful participant who listens well, who considers conflicting views carefully and bases her conclusions on solid analysis.

If you want South Portland to continue to be a place where the health, welfare and prosperity of our residents is in good hands, please vote for Sue Henderson on Nov. 8.

Mary-Jane Ferrier South Portland

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