2016-09-30 / Letters

Writer challenges responses to letter

To the editor:

I read Mr. William Duffey-Dufris’s (changed name since first letter) response in last week’s letters section to Black Lives Matter=KKK, well if Mr. Duffey-Dufris has been watching TV he could watch the non-violent Black Lives Matter supporters yelling "kill white police pigs and kill white people," while looting and burning businesses.

In North Carolina, Mr. Duffey-Dufris, Black Lives Matter supporters do think they are better than all. Sir, it is not likely that you have ever been discriminated against in your life. I have. I took responsibility for myself, graduated high school, college, professional school and got extremely lucrative employment. So it is my opinion that you are a white guy who is guilty about something, but you sir, know nothing about what you speak. Black Lives Matter supporters would do better going to school, instead of rioting and burning buildings. As for Mr. Will Fritzmeier, who also wrote a letter in last week’s Sentry, you sir are so far left that to answer you, I would have to do it in Russian, Chinese or Massachusettsese. I speak none of those, so I will just ignore your comments.

Joe Trevino South Portland

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