2016-10-07 / Letters

No question about where incumbent stands

To the editor:

Martha Macauslan, longtime Republican who re-registered as an Independent right before the election filing, is running against Rebecca Millett to represent Senate District 29 in the Maine Legislature.

Check out Martha Macauslan’s Facebook page that includes her views on ballot measures.

The last time that I checked out Martha Macauslan’s Facebook page, she doesn’t say how she’ll ultimately vote on referendum Question 1 – marijuana legalization. On Question 3 – Background checks on firearms sales/ transfers, Martha Macauslan likewise has not made a definitive decision. On Question 5 – ranked choice voting, Martha Macauslan again does not clearly tell us how she is going to vote.

By this point, so far into her campaign, Martha Macauslan should certainly be able to tell us how she’ll vote on such important issues that will have huge real world consequences.

How can we voters decide who to vote for when a candidate like Martha Macauslan won’t give real, committed answers on what she’ll vote for or against?

A politician like Martha Macauslan won’t take clear, firm positions on such important issues so that if she is elected, she can then do whatever she wants thereafter.

This kind of political trickery is why so many voters don’t trust and respect their elected officials.

A real leader takes real positions and lets the voters know where she stands, and what she’ll advocate for, so that we voters can make informed decisions about who to vote for.

Sen. Millett, a real leader, actually tells us where she stands and what she’ll do to represent us in Augusta.

Sen. Millett has done a wonderful job representing our community, so she deserves to be elected again.

Rick Foss-Lacey South Portland

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