2016-10-07 / Letters

President of gun club urges scrutiny regarding question

To the editor:

Do not be fooled by Question 3. This bill is not only about

background checks. Question 3 is also about transfers. The problem comes when lending firearms between friends and loved ones that do not fit the narrow definitions as written in this bill.

Here’s an illustration of what could happen if this bill becomes law. Becky, Sean and Eddie spent the day hunting. As they’re walking out of the woods, they encounter a warden who asks, “Where did you get your guns?” Becky answers, “I bought mine at Cabela’s. Sean says, “My fiancĂ©’s father lent me his.” Eddie says, “I got mine from my best friend.” Becky goes home, but Sean and Eddie are handcuffed and arrested because they both committed a crime. Sean’s fiancĂ©’s dad and Eddie’s best friend may be arrested as well. If Question 3 passes, in order for Sean and the three others to abide by the law, they would have to find an Federal Firearms License dealer, fill out time-consuming paperwork and be charged a fee, just to loan each other their guns. In order to return their firearms, they’d have to do the entire onerous process again. This is exactly what will happen to Maine sportsmen if this bill passes.

New York City ex-mayor Mike Bloomberg has spent more than $3 million on Question 3. He has brought legislation from the biggest city in the country to our rural hunting state, a state that ranks fourth safest in the nation.

This bill will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Rather, if it passes, it will transform many Mainers who were previously law abiding residents into criminals.

Tammy Walter, president Spurwink Rod and Gun Club Cape Elizabeth

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