2016-10-14 / Letters

Policy background makes candidate a solid choice

To the editor:

I am writing this letter in strong support of Susan Henderson’s candidacy for South Portland City Council. I have known Sue both professionally and personally since shortly after I moved to South Portland 32 years ago. As a nurse and nurse educator, I worked closely with Sue during the time periods she was a member as well as president of American Nurses Association-Maine, nursing’s historical professional organization. In addition to obtaining her master’s degree in nursing at New York University, Sue received her second master’s degree in public policy and management at the Muskie Institute at the University of Southern Maine.

Consequently, I have firsthand knowledge of her ability to work constructively and collaboratively with professionals having a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints to achieve consensus whenever possible. I definitely believe her degree in public policy and management enhances and meshes well with her professional experiences in nursing and nursing education. She is able to listen deeply and understand the complexity of issues while looking for good solutions to complex problems.

I know that Sue has been actively involved in South Portland activities involving the Knightville/Mill Creek neighborhoods, in addition to important issues affecting all of South Portland and Maine. When she announced her candidacy for the South Portland City Council, Sue stated that “if elected, her priorities would be to honor the dignity and worth of all individuals; grow a community of caring and concern; and develop basic foundations for: health, jobs, housing, education, clean food, water and air, and freedom from violence.”

I view her as a genuine, honest broker who would work diligently, conscientiously and collaboratively with others to achieve these and other priority outcomes for South Portland residents. Consequently, I strongly support Susan Henderson’s candidacy for the South Portland’s City Council and encourage other residents to do the same.

Noreen Vincent South Portland

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