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Election 2016

Three vie for two open seats on Cape council

Shannon Auritt Shannon Auritt The race for Cape Elizabeth City Council features three candidates, including one incumbent, battling it out for two open seats. With current board Chairman Molly MacAuslan choosing to run for state Legislature, that means even if incumbent Caitlin Jordan is returned by voters to third term, a new face is guaranteed to join the town’s leadership team.

Candidate survey forms sent by The Sentry to each candidate are provided below, in alphabetical order by last name. The surveys include contact information, should readers care to question the candidates further on their positions.

Name: Shannon Auritt

Age: 38

Address: Wainwright Drive

Phone: 431-0361

Email: shannon.auritt@yahoo.com

Caitlin Jordan Caitlin Jordan Occupation: Stay at home mom (former IT professional and model)

Family: Two children

(identical twins)

Education completed: Bachelors degree in business and computer science from the University of Massachusetts

Political experience:


Organizations and activities:

Pond Cove Parents Association (vice president, 2014-2015, president, 2015-2016); Tri Parents Association in Cape Elizabeth Public Schools; active volunteer in the Cape Elizabeth Schools with various activities and in my children’s classrooms.

Top three issues:

Penelope A. Jordan Penelope A. Jordan 1. Cape Elizabeth public schools are one of the town’s most valuable assets. I am hoping to foster communication and support the school board to continue educational excellence of our school system. One of my main focuses is to support the elementary and middle school playgrounds. These areas are in dire need of safety and functionally improvements so they can be enjoyed by all.

2. Looking for solutions that are both fair, safety minded and in the best interests of the town residents along with working with Spurwink Rod and Gun Club in the hope of resolving the conflict and safety concerns that exists between the parties.

3. While protecting the community character I am looking to expand the sidewalk and bikeways throughout town so that public safety and the character of our beautiful town is preserved. I have hopes to hold neighborhood meetings to engage our community in the development and preparation of the town wide pedestrian, cycling and sidewalk plan.

Why are you seeking elected office?

I am seeking elected office because I feel I can contribute a lot to our community. I am passionate about Cape Elizabeth. I have two young children at Pond Cove and have leadership and the passion to propel my visions and top issues stated above to fruition.

If you could change one thing about Cape Elizabeth, what would it be and how would you do it?

I am someone who loves open communication and citizen involvement. I am hopeful to create an environment where our town residents feel supported, listened to, and satisfied that our town council who is representing them and helping to steer the town and evolve in a way that is consistent with the path and strategic plan that is already in place.

Name: Caitlin Jordan Age: 33

Address: Old Ocean House Road

Phone: 799-7743

Email: caitlin.jordan@capeelizabeth.org

Occupation: Self-employed attorney; business manager of

Alewives Brook Farm

Family: Single

Education completed: Bachelors degree is psychology from New England College; Juris Doctorate from the University Of New Hampshire School Of Law

Political Experience: Cape

Elizabeth Town Council (two terms,

2010 to present)

Organizations and activities: Member of the Cape Farm Alliance, Cape Business Alliance, and South Portland-Cape Elizabeth Buy Local

Top three issues:

1. Hiring a new town manager

2. Securing water and park access

3. Creating a better process for public hearings and listening to citizens before a vote is had

Why are you seeking elected office?

I want to ensure that Cape Elizabeth maintains the roots and beauty that it is.

If you could change one thing about Cape

Elizabeth, what would it be and how would you do it? No answer provided.

Name: Penelope A. Jordan

Age: 63

Address: Wells Road

Phone: 671-5341

Email: pennyjordan@jordansfarms.com

Occupation: Farmer/consultant

Family: Single

Education completed: Masters in social work from Boston University

Political experience: Cape Elizabeth Town Council (partial term, 2009-2010)

Organizations and activities: Cape Farm Alliance (president); Cumberland County Farm Bureau (vice president); past board member of the New England Farmers Union and the Maine Sustainable Agriculture Society; past member of Cape Elizabeth Zoning Board of Appeals; also engaged in activities that address food access and food insecurity/ hunger.

Top three issues:

1. Transition to a new town manager. Michael McGovern’s retirement leaves a significant gap from a knowledge perspective. The transition to a new town manager, I believe, creates the need for more people to engage, especially citizens that have deep roots with the town and can help ensure Cape Elizabeth’s evolution is grounded and planned.

2. Infrastructure – long term view – invest in the future. Cape Elizabeth and the country are at a crossroad from an infrastructure perspective. We must become less reliant on oil (even when it is cheap), we must ensure a safe and healthy food system and we must seek ways to minimize our carbon footprint. As we build new buildings or renovate existing ones we need to actively seek ways to incorporate renewable energy.

3. Well educated, involved and productive citizens. I am a product of the Cape Elizabeth school system and it prepared me well. I am a strong proponent of a wellrounded education. Schools must understand the needs of all students and work to provide the best possible education.

Why are you seeking elected office?

I am a lifelong resident of Cape Elizabeth. While growing up I watched and listened as my father, Bill Jordan, volunteered his time to help create the town people love and are drawn to today. Over the past several years, I have watched and listened as Cape Elizabeth continues to evolve and I see places where I feel the voice of a business owner, farmer and longtime resident needs to be heard.

My family has owned Jordan’s Farm for generations and our farm contributes to the rural character that draws so many people to our town. I want to contribute my time and energy to Cape Elizabeth’s future. I feel I can be effective because I bring energy and passion to whatever I do. I listen, gather information and strive to make informed decisions. As a business owner, I know the importance of investing dollars wisely; I understand the need to create an infrastructure that can endure and the need to make tradeoffs, particularly when dollars are in short supply. As a member of the town council, I will serve all citizens.

The world is not stagnant; change is inevitable and exciting and with change comes decisions. My goal is to make sure we understand the long-term implications of decisions. I want to ensure Cape Elizabeth is affordable, prepares its young people for the future and continues to embrace its farming and fishing heritage while acknowledging the need to address the demands of an ever-changing community. Cape Elizabeth is a wonderful community with a rich history and exciting future and I want to be part of that future.

If you could change one thing about Cape Elizabeth, what would it be and how would you do it?

I don’t think about something I would change, I think about what I want to ensure remains part of Cape Elizabeth. I want to ensure that Cape Elizabeth remains farm friendly, that farms are looked at as businesses that need to innovate to remain viable; I want to ensure that our schools address the needs of the average student and I want to ensure that all people are listened to and heard. How will I do this? I will do this by being accessible, by being vocal, by educating and by talking to people and staying abreast of the issues and challenges that face Cape Elizabeth’s citizens.

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