2016-10-21 / Letters

School board member has stomach for council

To the editor:

I do not think there is a more thankless job in the world than municipal school board. You’re always wrong. Parents are always right. They know their own kids, after all. Sschool board is a critical job that has to be done and I greatly admire the people who volunteer for it.

This election, longtime school board member, Rick Carter, is running for a city council seat. Rick has been on the school board for 12 years, and been its chairman a number of times. He has long experience working with complicated school budgets, with city council, with city officials and I have no doubt his long experience on school board has given him mad skills at forging compromise and consensus while under pressure. Clearly he’s a guy who has been yelled at once or twice proving he has the stomach for facing the difficulties that we’ve all seen of late on our city council. I commend him for standing for a council seat.

The fact is that two-thirds of our city budget supports our schools. Rick is somebody who understands the process and what decisions need to be made on both sides. He would make an excellent city councilor and I urge everybody to consider his strong qualifications, his experience and the leadership that he has demonstrated in our city to date, when casting their vote this November.

Ross Little South Portland

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