2016-10-28 / Letters

Candidate cares about the people, environment of city

To the editor:

Progress in South Portland depends on the ability to confront and discuss the difficult issues we face. I kept this in mind as I listened to all the candidates for the open city council positions in South Portland. I heard general agreement on the kind of future we’d like to see: excellent schools, well-paid jobs, green spaces and a healthy environment for both people and local wildlife. Yet not all the candidates are willing to make the kind of investment decisions needed to achieve that goal.

I am writing in support of Sue Henderson, who is one of the candidates willing to take a stand now for the future of the city. We know that once a road – or pipeline facility – is built, it is hard to un-build. Once a species – of fireflies, butterflies, frogs – is gone, it is hard to bring back. There is a cost to taking principled decisions, but it is an investment with high returns. As an economist, I know of several initiatives taken by other cities to increase funding sources. These innovations often involve being willing to think outside of the usual box and to commit to a long-term plan. Sue Henderson has shown her ability to consider new approaches. She believes in planning and has the experience needed to help create a shared vision for the city’s future and the leadership skills needed to inspire the long-term commitment required for its achievement.

Marianne Hill South Portland

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