2016-11-04 / Letters

Council candidate is honest

To the editor:

Some of the candidates for South Portland City Council are spreading misinformation.

They are claiming that the city will have to raise taxes to pay for the suit brought against the city for its Clear Skies Ordinance. They are also either saying or implying that the city is going to be bankrupted by this case. They should check their facts. They should not be stooping to fear mongering to get elected. The city pays for this case from funds set aside for just such legal costs. No taxes will go up because of this expense. Moreover, a diverse group of donors have contributed to the city’s legal defense fund to show their support for this ordinance and more is expected in the next months.

When you vote for city council, vote for candidates who have done their homework. Sue Henderson knows that the city of South Portland is not going to raise taxes to pay for this case. Vote for Sue if you want a thoughtful, well informed member of South Portland’s City Council.

Rachel Burger South Portland

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