2016-11-04 / Letters

Letter writer respects candidate

To the editor:

I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Rebecca Millett. I have known Rebecca as a friend for many years. My respect for her as a person, mother, advocate and legislator is unparalleled.

She has demonstrated proven leadership skills and her ability to work productively on both sides of the aisle has earned her the respect of her colleagues. She immerses herself in the issues that are important to Mainers and has worked tirelessly to give voice to the most vulnerable populations – young children, the elderly and the economically disadvantaged. She has devoted herself to improving education in all parts of Maine, demonstrating the fundamental belief that every child should have access to quality schools regardless of their family’s income or geography. For these and many other reasons, Rebecca has been a shining light in our divided government. Please join me on Election Day and vote, like I will, for Rebecca Millett for state Senate.

Carol Zechman South Portland

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