2016-11-18 / Letters

Having an education nourishes life

To the editor:

Education plays a great role throughout our lives. Getting a proper degree is necessary to have success and a happy life, just like food is necessary for a healthy body. Being well educated does not only mean to earn certificates and good salary.

Most people already know that studying is important. It opens many doors and provides many advantages and opportunities. It gives you ways to pursue your dreams. It will not only make you better person, but it will also give you a better life.

When I was in high school my mom always said to me, “If you want to succeed in your life, you have to study.” I was young then, and the only thing I cared about was hanging out with my friends. I preferred to be with them, instead of doing my homework. Now I know what my mom meant, because after I came in U.S., I started working in the backroom in the furniture store. The job was physical and very tough. That is why I am attending college. Many people choose not to pursue a higher degree because of the cost. Education is supposed to help you to have a successful career.

The education is an investment that is wonderful and irreplaceable. It is something that everybody should be proud to accomplish. Being educated can make your dreams come true.

Tanya Arabadzhieva Bulgaria

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