2016-11-18 / Letters

Help the homeless to succeed

To the editor:

Imagine being lost on the streets and you don’t know

what do. When you are hungry, you beg people for change to buy cheap food or you search the nearest garbage. You want to apply for a job but you don’t have a phone or an address for an employer to contact you. Homeless people experience these problems in Portland. Maine should help these people. Let us look at some possibilities for taking care of these vulnerable people.

Homeless people should be helped to get their lives going. If they don’t have a job, offer them a job and a place to live. Utah has helped homeless people to live better than on the streets. They offered them a place to live, they also got them help with their medical issues. Some of these people have substance abuse issues so they need some rehabilitation and counseling. Also there are homeless people that have mental health issues. Medical help and counseling might solve their problems.

I think homeless people should get food stamps. That would get them food to eat instead of begging or searching in the garbage.

I think it’s good idea to give discount on food for them also. It’s embarrassing for some people to beg for money. So that’s what they should do to solve this problem. Please, I ask only one thing. Let us do more to help these people.

Abbas Abbas Iraq

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