2016-11-18 / Letters

Learning about cultures opens minds

To the editor:

Across the face of the Earth, people have adopted different and in many respects, unique values, customs and traditions. I think people should study about food customs, traditional ceremonies and celebrations. For example, while there might exist various unique cultures within America itself, the traditions people live by in Angola are significantly different.

People have begun to pull away from their original culture because they get distracted by another. If everyone learns about all cultures, then people will appreciate theirs and understand the culture of others. The thing we see as strange from other cultures are very normal to them. One issue is that people think that their own is the best. The way to learn is to meet as many different people as you can and to travel to new places. This way you know and learn of other people’s lives and experience them.

Without learning about others, you have no hope in understanding what the world is really like. Learning about culture can help us understand unique values, customs and traditions of different countries. Remember, it is always good if you have a friend of another culture. This way you learn more about how people look and act.

Sandra Rodrigue Angola

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