2016-11-18 / Letters

Let’s not pollute oceans and earth

To the editor:

Seeing dolphins in Syria was stunningly incredible. I didn’t want to blink to miss a thing, seeing the trainers playing with dolphins. After getting home I was exhausted. It felt like a dream, seeing them dancing and singing. I have those memories from when I was 8 years old.

It hurts me now when I see all the garbage in the ocean. Polluting the oceans can cause a decrease in the marine population. We should respect and protect Mother Nature and the wonderful creatures in the ocean by recycling. People should be paying attention to where they’re putting plastic materials. The materials should go in recycling bins and not in trash bins. It takes a lot of time to burn the trash and in doing so, it harms the ozone layer. I encourage everyone to make sure that we have recycle bins by the ocean walkways. I encourage people to leave this planet clean for our future generations. We have the magic in our hands.

We’re running out of room and I don’t think we’re going to ship out garbage to another planet any time soon. We should all take responsibility; we’re not just visiting. How would you like it if someone choked you with plastic and destroyed your home?

Sarah Abdullah Iraq

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