2016-11-18 / Letters

Pursue an education, it’s affordable

To the editor:

Do you realize how affordable and important it is to continue your education? When you learn how affordable community college is, you will choose to pursue your education there. There are many facts available to support this point.

As a student in Southern Maine Community College, I write for those who stopped school because of financial problems. You have a great opportunity to continue here with affordable classes. For example, SMCC offers among the lowest tuition and fees in New England, at only $3,760 per year according to the SMCC website. That means one-on-one support for success at no additional cost. So you can earn your degree without much debt.

Education is very important in this generation. You can’t get a good job without it. Having an associate degree means you can get started working in your field quickly. It will make a big difference between having an associate’s degree and simply having a high school diploma or GED. So come and can get your job training at SMCC.

By attending SMCC I saved thousands of dollars. My goal is to get my bachelor’s degree in nursing. SMCC helped me and my family to find affordable ways to finance my education. It’s great to be a student at Southern Maine Community College.

Ilaha Osmani Azizi Afghanistan

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