2016-11-18 / Letters

Residents shouldn’t contribute

To the editor:

I’m sure Ann Morrill has good intentions with her plea for donations for the city of South Portland to fight the lawsuit brought by Portland Pipeline and others (Letters to the Editor, “Donate to legal defense fun,” Nov. 11).

Let us not forget though why the lawsuit is happening.

The Clear Skies, Protect South Portland agenda came before the voters and was turned down. The city council then decided the voters don’t know what’s good for them and brought out of towners in to help justify defying the voters’ decision.

So asking us to donate money to a legal fund to help continue an agenda the voters don’t want is laughable. Especially since the city council has increased the money for legal bills in the city budget at least twofold and is already taking our tax money for it.

Kandi-Lee Hoy South Portland

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