2016-11-18 / Letters

Speaking English a hurdle for some

To the editor:

Imagine that you can’t speak the language and you don’t know how life works where you live. You have go to school and begin to learn the language of the country. Friends in school help you study and help you speak the language quickly. However, you need to look for a job to pay your school bill.

Getting a job without speaking English is difficult. One immigrant with a postsecondary degree from the University of Southern Maine said his speech remained a problem. We are judged as not qualified because we speak English with an accent. In other cases, employers are looking for workers for entry level jobs. They said they need to speak some English for basic safety reasons. Employees can also learn English at the job from customers and friends.

People from another country who do not speak English should go to school. You could make friends who speak English. My advice to people learning English is to read newspapers or books. Listening to radio and watching movies is going to help you to learn better. Do not wait until you are ready, because you may never consider yourself ready. Start now.

Saif Hashiem Iraq

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