2016-11-18 / Letters

Winter doesn’t have to be an empty time

To the editor:

Cold is a word that when you hear it, you will feel it. Your body will respond to this word. In Maine, we all know what this word means. There are three ways you can make winter one of your favorite seasons. These are playing sports, studying and getting enough sleep. Hating the winter is like hating half your life.

One of the ways to enjoy winter is to play a sport. Go skiing, snowboarding or skating. Take a trip to your favorite place and enjoy the sports there. Enjoying the winter with others will give you a full life.

Studying is another way to enjoy the winter. There is no excuse for being unable to find something of interest. Online classes can help students also. A lot of us like to finish things in short ways to achieve the goal. For example, these classes in the short winter days helps me with daylight saving time and working on new things.

The final thing will be to get enough sleep. Seize the opportunity to get enough sleep and to give yourself more motivation for the next day. Make a list of what you want to do on the winter days, and work on them.

I remember my first winter in United States. It was like an empty life at first, but I talked to friends and made a list of winter activities. Winter has now become one of my favorite seasons. Winter comes every year so enjoy it and have fun. Good luck.

Ahmed Hadi Iraq

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