2016-11-25 / Letters

Reader will give to legal fund

To the editor:

Like many South Portland residents, I have donated money to defend the Clear Skies Ordinance. The issue is clear: no one wants our city to become a tar sands oil export port (except those who do not live in South Portland or those who stand to make money).

The vote in November 2013 was rebranded by the petroleum industry as a vote to save our working waterfront. No one voted for tar sand oil. Our elected representatives recognized this and asked for an ordinance that would prohibit the bulk shipment of oil from our waterfront. Well done, I say. The defense of this ordinance is an investment (less than 1 percent of our budget) in our present and future quality of life, the health of our children and seniors and our property values. Our waterfront, by the way, is working very well under the Clear Skies Ordinance. I urge all residents to donate to the Clear Skies Ordinance defense fund.

Remember, please, that this diluted tar is Canadian and is for export only. Our Sebago Lake watershed, our Casco Bay lobster fishery, and our health are all at risk if tar sand oil ever reaches the old pipes under our streets and gets out to the ship channel.

Rob Sellin South Portland

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