2016-12-02 / Letters

City clerk credited with smooth Election Day

To the editor:

Elections come and go and often no one stops to think of how they actually happen. I know that in South Portland, we always had smooth and seamless elections, all handled by our previous City Clerk Susan Mooney. Behind the scenes, so much happens to organize this, and I was always amazed at how Sue did this without skipping a beat.

This year our new City Clerk, Emily Carrington (now Scully) was the overseer of our 2016 elections. With record turn outs and machines that sometimes break down, Emily did an amazing job with remaining cool, calm and collected. She visited each poll, solved each problem and stayed at city hall as all ballots were counted. There are numerous wardens who also do incredible work, along with multiple volunteers. All deserve a standing ovation.

A special thanks to Emily Carrington Scully for taking on this immense task with grace and ability. I am glad to know we are still in good hands.

Rosemarie De Angelis South Portland

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