2016-12-02 / Letters

Councilor is proud to be a South Portlander

To the editor:

Another election cycle has come and gone and, of course, there are winners and losers. This particular cycle seemed as if it would never end: an endless stream of Trump and Clinton ads and accusations.

At the local level, I am humbled by the civility of our elections and I am forever grateful to friends, and friends of friends, who volunteered to help me with my campaign. I want to thank all of you for electing me once again to serve on the city council. In contrast to our national elections, locally we fielded seven strong candidates who ran for two available at-large seats. All candidates conducted themselves with civility. Here, we debated in several forums, again very respectful of each other and our differing opinions.

South Portland is a community that works together. Our residents really care about each other. We are – first and foremost – neighbors and friends. We pay our bills and seek better ways to remain sustainable. Perhaps this is why South Portland has the best bond rating of any town or city in Maine. I take great pride in representing this great community. Thank you for your vote of confidence. I will work very hard in the coming years to keep our city friendly, healthy, affordable and civil.

Maxine Beecher Councilor at-large South Portland

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