2016-12-16 / Letters

Letter writer can’t see the issues

To the editor:

The letter in last week’s Sentry from Rachel Burger was a very well presented argument against the Clear Skies “activists” who wish to sue. However, I’m not sure how clearly (pardon the pun) she can see the larger issues involved here, issues larger than her pocketbook, my pocketbook, anyone’s pocket book.

Could there be more taxes down the road ? Maybe, but certainly that is in no way a foregone conclusion. And if so, so what? Is Ms. Burger and others who whine about taxes also able to consider what else lies down the road, and for sure? If we are unwilling to break a few bucks out of our wallets (and mine is as skimpy as anyone else’s whose not well heeled) to protect our clear air and our clean water, what are we doing to the down the road world of our kids and grandkids? For the sake of industrial big business growth and an absurd trickledown approach to life, we will create a world for our progeny where they, like millions of Chinese, will be wearing facemasks to school and to work?

Yes, Ms. Burger, we do need to be careful about how we spend our tax dollars, as these are financially stressful times for South Portland and so many other small cities. However, there comes a time when we need to consider that complicating issue we sometimes rush to ignore, the issue of priorities. What are our priorities in our lives in 2016 and 2017, etc.?

The Clear Skies advocates (whom you prefer to call activists, as though they are just a bunch of leftist hippies), are using their rightful voices to urge action (oops, I guess they are activists) on behalf of the safety of South Portland citizens down the road.

Ralph Zieff South Portland

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