2016-12-23 / Letters

Thank you, for defending taxpayers

To the editor:

I applaud Ralph Zieff’s letter to the editor last week,

condemning those who think first (and oft-times only) with their wallets, as opposed to being more concerned about clean air and water for their fellow citizens and offspring. However, he mistakenly referenced Rachel Burger as this type of uncaring type, when it was actually Charles McNutt who disparaged motivated residents as “activists” due to their advocating our fighting back Portland Pipeline’s suit against South Portland’s sovereign right to implement the Clear Skies Ordinance. Charles McNutt is the writer who wailed over the resulting taxes our city may impose, because he feels profits matter more than people.

Thank you, Ralph Zieff, for all of your points made in defense of this ongoing struggle, and the need to persevere, rather than roll over for an industry that seeks only to fill their coffers, at the expense of the health and wellbeing of our fellow residents.

By the way, Mr. McNutt, your attempt to diminish the role of activists in our society speaks more to your hostility to progress, change and enlightenment, than to a staunch defense of something moral.

From Vocabulary.com: “Environmental Activism is advocacy for, or work toward, protecting the natural environment from destruction or pollution. Environmental Activists believe that the environment, rater than heredity, is the primary influence on intellectual growth and cultural development.”

Looks to me like activism is something to be proud of, rather than be made ashamed of, especially by someone who’s obviously more affected by pecuniary matters. Activists adhere to much higher values than those.

William Duffy-Dufris South Portland

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