2017-02-03 / Letters

Letter writer said it perfectly

To the editor:

Many thanks to William Fritzmeier for his intelligent and wonderfully written letter in the Jan. 27 Sentry about the current political plight in which we now find our beloved U.S.A.

While we have always acknowledged, even with our great pride, that we are not perfect, and have had some significant blemishes over our 240 years, Donald John Trump has bestowed upon us, in one week, a rampant and contagious case of acne. America has quickly become globally feared and seen as hypocritical betrayers of our own paradigm for an ethical and empathic world order. Mr. Fitzmeier also wisely warns us about wishing for Trump`s backup, Mike Pence, a man who harbors unjust opinions and values that would hurt or destroy the lives of many.

God bless the Sentry, a fine example of a small but important medium for helping to keep alive our endangered freedom of the press.

Ralph Zieff South Portland

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